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Kobe Bryant and Alex Morgan have a dance party in new FIFA commercial

Who doesn't want to see happy Kobe?

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has made no secret for his love of the beautiful game throughout his NBA career. While he has made his fortune playing basketball, as a child growing up in Italy, Bryant would often play soccer with other kids because that was what everyone else was playing.

Recently, Kobe has been a noticeable presence in the marketing for the latest game in EA's soccer simulation, FIFA 16. A month ago, we got to see Kobe kick a child's basketball from three quarters court into the opposite basket (yes really).  In FIFA's latest ad, Bryant and Unites States Women's Team star and FIFA 16 cover athlete Alex Morgan play against each other in the game. In a very "Kobe" move, Bryant opts to play with Morgan's US team in the game, and after some trash talking back and forth between the two, Kobe emerges victorious, leading one of the most important gifs in internet history. May I humbly present, endless Kobe and Alex Morgan dancing:

Here is the full video for those who are interested:

In actual Lakers news, Bryant has said he will play in the Lakers' preseason debut against the Jazz on Sunday. The NBA season is upon us.

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