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Check out D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and more Lakers' Halloween costumes

The young guys went to a party.

It's Lou Williams' birthday, and from a little bit of Instagram detective work it appears that quite a few Los Angeles Lakers are at his party.


Looks like the reigning Sixth Man of the Year went as V from the movie/graphic novel "V for Vendetta." Strong costume choice, and it makes sense because Williams has always had a bit of anarchy in his game. Let's see what the rest of the guys can come up with.

D'Angelo Russell went as Eazy-E, the late Compton born and raised rapper recently depicted in the N.W.A Biopic, "Straight Outta Compton." Russell may be new to L.A., but he already seems like a native. If that Jheri curl is not a wig and is Russell's latest hairstyle experimentation, I also fully support it because that would be awesome.

Then, Anthony Brown and Jordan Clarkson both posted the same group photo:

Judging by height, it appears Brown went as one of Joker's bank robbers from "The Dark Knight," while Clarkson went as Billy the Puppet from the horror series "Saw." Tarik Black also makes a cameo, although dressed as who I do not know.

And because what would a random post like this be without a cameo appearance from Nick Young, here is Swaggy-P dressed as God's gift to women:

It's good to see the young guys having a little fun and getting some team bonding in before the season kicks off this Wednesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Bonus points to Clarkson if he asks Zach LaVine if "he would like to play a game" in the Jigsaw voice prior to tip off.

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