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Lakers Lounge Podcast: The Shaq-Kobe Lakers destroyed everyone else's favorite teams, Cavs-Lakers fandom relationship

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What's the latest with the Cavaliers as LeBron James tries to bounce back with the same core? We also talk about how Kobe and Shaq beat up on so many cult favorite teams.

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Ryan Mourton (@Ryan_Mourton) of Fear the Sword -- SB Nation's Cavaliers blog -- joined the show to gives us some insight on where LeBron James and company are after sticking together through the summer. We also touched on why Lakers fans have such a distaste for the Cavs, how the Shaq-Kobe Lakers were beating up on everyone else's favorite teams from that era, and talked about the latest around both teams with the regular season opener just around the corner.

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Host: Anthony Irwin

Guests: Ryan Mourton