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Kobe Bryant is all over the cover of the Lakers' media guide

Kobe Bryant graces a few covers as the NBA season rolls in.

Kobe Bryant is entering his 20th season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and while his decision on whether it will be his final remains in the air until further notice, he's gracing a few season preview covers that are worth taking a look at.

The Lakers went all-in with a look at Kobe through the years on the cover of their beautiful media guide:

The full guide is available in PDF form on, featuring a full look at the entire basketball operations team, coaching staff and roster.

Sports Illustrated is launching several cover variants for their NBA season preview, which is themed around a sort of passing of the torch theme. Kobe and D'Angelo Russell are a featured duo, naturally:

You may want to consider grabbing that SI cover as a collectible item, and whatever Lee Jenkins scribes about Kobe Bryant and D'Angelo is going to be a must-read with the season opener just over a week away.

We're almost there.