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D'Angelo Russell calls himself and Jordan Clarkson "Thing 1 and Thing 2"

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The Lakers' young guards are basically best friends.

One theme of the Los Angeles Lakers' training camp in Hawaii has been the growing friendship between young guards Jordan Clarkson and D'Angelo Russell. The Lakers hope that the two can become the team's backcourt of the future, and their close relationship can only aid in that.

First there was Russell telling reporters at the Lakers' media day on Monday that he and Clarkson "hang out a lot." Before that the two were seen palling around, dunking on a mini-hoop, and generally having a great time at the Power 106 Celebrity Game in Los Angeles. Then the Lakers posted a photo of the two having a nice laugh with their hoped-for mentor, Kobe Bryant. It hasn't been all fun and games either, with new backcourt addition Lou Williams detailing to the reporters how "impressed" he was by how Russell and Clarkson have "taken this team by the horns." Russell continued the love affair today, telling the media how he sees his and Clarkson's relationship:

Awww. Here is a look at the two in Russell's imagination: