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Russell Westbrook says Magic Johnson was his favorite player growing up, seems to like Los Angeles

One current great point guard was a fan of the greatest in Lakers history

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook participated in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, and as usual, the reigning NBA scoring champion did not disappoint. The guard known as much for his off the court sartorial choices as his fiery style on the hardwood answered a variety of questions, touching on topics from his favorite restaraunts and food to what sports he likes to watch other than basketball.

The whole Q and A is worth a read if you have the time, but perhaps the most interesting answer to fans of the Los Angeles Lakers was Westbrook's response when asked who was his favorite player while growing up in Southern California. Westbrook had the same answer as most kids growing up in Los Angeles in the early 90's would have given, but an answer that would probably surprise his loudest critics, those who like to scream about Westbrook not passing enough to be a "pure point guard":

The SoCal native also gave his opinion on the best place to grab a quick bite in L.A.:

And the best place to hang out:

All this love for Los Angeles obviously means Westbrook is a lock to return home as a free agent in 2017 (heavy sarcasm font). While that is still a faraway pipe dream for the Lakers, it is fun to see one current great point guard show some respect for arguably the greatest player to ever play the position.

Here are some more highlights from the AMA:

And perhaps Westbrook's best answer of the day:

Never change Russ.

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