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Lakers scrimmage 5-on-5 during day 3 of training camp

How is the team looking on their third day of camp in Hawaii.

The Los Angeles Lakers continued their training camp in Hawaii on Thursday, and once again finished up their first practice of the day with a scrimmage open to the media. Thankfully for all of us sad, deprived basketball junkies, Serena Winters of Lakers Nation is on the scene at the University of Hawaii, and once again recorded part of the scrimmage and posted it to her YouTube Channel.

In the first clip, one thing to look out for is a very nice dribble hand-off play from the elbow featuring Kobe Bryant and D'Angelo Russell around the 2:35 mark of the video. The action featured Bryant making a catch at the elbow, as he has approximately 999,043 times in his career, followed by Anthony Brown cutting towards him like he is expecting the ball. As Brown continues past Bryant as a decoy, Russell rapidly sprints around Bryant in the other direction while taking the ball and using Kobe as a screen to get free of Marcelo Huertas. Huertas rapidly attempted to recover (a frequent theme of the video, a good defender he is not), but Russell was able to leverage his size to simply bounce Huertas off of him and score an easy layup:

The second video features 8 more minutes of the Lakers scrimmaging, and probably the most notable thing that stuck out to me was Nick Young's finishing ability. You would assume this was a made basket right?

It was not:

Ah, Swaggy. Anyway, the whole video is worth a watch if you are as desperate for basketball to return as I am. The Lakers take on the Utah Jazz in their first preseason game on Sunday.

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