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Lakers vs. Jazz preview: No jazz lessons for Kobe Bryant

The Lakers try to lift their spirits with a little Jazz.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers played an entertaining game of basketball against the Cleveland Cavaliers as Kobe Bryant hit a career-high in assists. Kobe won't be there for the Lakers Friday night, sitting out of the second half of this back-to-back, so scratch flashy passes for easy buckets when they visit the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers kick off a tough four-game road trip with games against the Jazz, Suns, Pelicans and Spurs. Worse, they return home with the Rockets, Wizards and Bulls all set to visit Los Angeles. Kobe and co. are hitting the Grammy road trip portion of the schedule as well, which makes for a tough three-week stretch.

The Jazz haven't performed up to expectations this season, though, and rookie Dante Exum hasn't show much through the year. He's started in just one game while playing 727 total minutes through the season. Trey Burke has struggled to build on his rookie year, particularly from deep. He's averaging 4.8 threes per game while shooting 31 percent from beyond the arc.

Still, Utah has big men to throw at the Lakers, especially with the emergency of Rudy Gobert. Gordon Hayward continues putting up a solid all-around stat line. This won't be a breezy game for a shorthanded Lakers team on no rest, but enjoy the game leading into a Laker-less weekend.

Time: 6 p.m.

Station: TWCSN

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