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Nick Young Employs Two "Shoe Keepers" and Other Swaggy Anecdotes

Learning about the man they call Swaggy P.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Young may be struggling mightily lately, averaging a measly 9.6 points on a may-cause-eye-bleeding 22.2% shooting (14.3% on threes) but that did not stop Sports Illustrated from releasing this FANTASTIC profile on him by the always excellent Lee Jenkins. Aside from revealing awesome facts that further Swaggy's case as the most interesting man in the world, like the fact that Nick employs "shoe keepers", owns "two English bulldogs named Jelli and Space Jam", and has a cousin/entourage member nicknamed "Big Meat"; SI also gives us great stories about the man like this one:

When Young was a rookie in Washington, he once borrowed Arenas's American Express Black Card to run errands for the Wizards' star guard, and treated himself to a laptop and an iPhone. He crashed a Pakistani wedding during a road trip to Phoenix and wound up delivering a toast. He filmed a day-in-the-life segment with the NBC affiliate in D.C., and when the shoot had barely begun, he backed into the station's truck in front of his house.

THAT IS NOT EVEN AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH and I already want to go attempt a 360-degree layup. There are plenty more stories where those came from.

Jenkins' piece also gives a more humanizing look at Young in an attempt at using the tragic death of his older brother to understand why a man would take on the persona of Swaggy P. The whole thing is an absolute must read. Go check it out now.

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