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Nick Young blogs about his New York Fashion Week experience

We don't have to blog about Nick Young's New York Fashion Week experience because he did it for us!

Lakers social media and more

We've been covering Nick Young's experiences in New York during Fashion Week here at Silver Screen & Roll and SB Nation, ranging from his run-in with Jimmy Goldsteinan impromptu game of pick-up basketball, and even his jet ride home with his other half, Iggy Azalea.

Second-hand aggregation no more, Swaggy P personally blogged about what he was up to in New York. A small taste of what's in store over at Papermag:


Is that a Zebra or just James Goldstein? Only Swaggy.

The full blog post isn't all that long, but it opens up a window of hope. Could we get more Swaggy P blog adventures? A golden era of Swaggy P thoughts to go with his active social media presence could be the turning point for the Lakers franchise. Or maybe it'd just make for a good time for everyone.

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