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Throwback Thursday: Nick Young's 360 layup

Remember that one time Nick Young hit a 360 layup? Yep.

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In the spirit of Nick Young being our featured Los Angeles Lakers player in the Silver Screen & Roll season preview today, we'll go ahead and keep with him for our #ThrowbackThursday post of the week. This was a tough one to choose -- his accidental-assist to Pau Gasol for a made three was close to taking this slot -- but Swaggy P hitting the 360 layup around Marc Gasol takes the cake today. Here it is, in all of it's spinning glory:

Maybe it was the fact he tried this earlier in the season and failed pretty miserably at it:


But that made 360 against the Grizz? So money. Here's to many more (made) 360 layups during Nick Young's new reign in Los Angeles.

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