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Byron Scott: '[Los Angeles] is still a purple and gold town'

Los Angeles is still painted in purple and gold, and Lakers head coach Byron Scott wants to make sure it stays that way.

Jeff Gross

Ever since the Los Angeles Clippers backed their way into drafting Blake Griffin and subsequently acquiring Chris Paul in the aftermath of the infamous "Basketball Reasons," there has been much discussion in the media, both locally and nationally, as to whether Los Angeles is a Lakers or Clippers town. In a recent interview with ATVN, new Lakers head coach Byron Scott made it clear that in his mind, there is no debate:

"I have a chip on my shoulder because everyone keeps saying they're number one in Los Angeles. It's still a purple and gold town," said Scott. "We're looking to make sure in the next couple of years that this rivalry is truly what it should be, which is a rivalry of two great basketball teams here in LA."

Whether or not fans have turned to one side or another over the past few seasons is subjective, on the court at least. The Clippers have downright dominated the Lakers since acquiring CP3, notching an 8-3 record and winning seven of the last eight, including an embarrassing (and franchise-worst) 142-94 loss last season on TNT. Historically, though, the Lakers hold a 144-56 record against the Clippers.

This interview is the latest in Scott's recent media blitz where he has seemingly taken interviews from anyone to approach him with a microphone. He's revealed the likely starting five, the coaching staff he's finalizing, and that Xavier Henry may be coming along more slowly than previously hoped for.

Scott also gives fans more insight into his mindset, including the fact he is nervous as he prepares for his first season as Lakers coach. You can check out the whole interview here.

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