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Julius Randle takes flight in 2014 NBA rookie photoshoot

Julius Randle has arrived in purple and gold armor.

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Brian Babineau, Getty Imgaes

The 2014 NBA rookie photoshoot day has come and gone, and this year there were some pretty spectacular shots. Considering the Los Angeles Lakers have a high-profile name incoming like Julius Randle, there were pictures. Oh, there were pictures.

Randle looks pretty good soaring through the air. Hopefully we see more of this, particularly with the face he's making as he drops the hammer on unsuspecting defenders:


(Photo credit: Nathaniel S. Butler, Getty Images)

And another one, with a nice extension:


(Photo credit: Nathaniel S. Butler, Getty Images)

This next one is what we'll call the Ron Artest "Kobe passed me the ball!" face. Note: He's wearing Kobe 8's in the "What The" colorway through the entire shoot:


(Photo credit: Jennifer Pottheiser, Getty Images)

Which can only be topped by this expression here. Besides, we needed more shots of him in the home gold armor:


(Photo credit: Jennifer Pottheiser, Getty Images)

Alas, the seventh-overall pick has a serious side to him as well. Mamba approved, surely:


(Photo credit: David Dow, Getty Images)

There are plenty more pictures of Randle from the photoshoot right over here if you want to browse through the Getty Images gallery.

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