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Help wanted: Join our staff at Silver Screen & Roll!

Want to help mold the Lakers experience here at Silver Screen & Roll? We're looking to expand this off-season.

Silver Screen & Roll is looking for additional talent to help us expand, develop and grow our coverage of the Los Angeles Lakers. Our mark in the Lakers community is big, but it definitely has room to grow. What we can create here is nearly limitless with the platform provided by SB Nation, and it's going to take a larger group with individuals talented in many different areas to take full advantage of that.

Our goal is to make this the most unique, custom, Lakers experience on the internet. It's a very attainable goal. We're looking for more than just writers as well. Integrating custom graphic design elements is a key area going forward, as well as social media and any other talents that can enrich the experience in our corner of the internet.

Blogging and using the internet as a medium is an area that is rapidly developing. We'd like to be at the forefront of using it as a means to deliver an experience that people wake up and log in to every morning. Then on their 15-minute break. Then lunch. Then ... you get the picture.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Huge basketball fan is a must. Passion matters.

2. Ability to communicate effectively. Even if it isn't an explicit writing position, we communicate via e-mail often as a group. This trickles down into social media, and comment sections. We've worked hard to build up our community and presence.

3. Take pride in your work. Always put your best work forward and look for ways to innovate and improve. We want to have the best Lakers experience, which means we want to have the best Lakers content. Period.

4. If you are interested in joining our writing staff, please have a good grasp on how to use English language to craft your message. Our staff is supportive in the editorial process, but we aren't in the business of rewriting content.

5. Have an understanding of social media. That means Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine. These are all important areas to keep in consideration while shaping content and experience.

6. Tolerance. There will be highs and lows. Staying steady is important, as is respect.

7. Be active. We want our team to be involved and interested.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Already have an established social media presence, particularly on Twitter.

2. Be a follower of all things NBA, not just the Lakers.

3. Already be published and/or experienced in role you're seeking.

4. Be available late at night following games or early the next morning. The turnaround through an 82-game season is quick, and keeping up with day-to-day analysis and news is important.


Game Day Coverage

The 82-game season is long and we need writers prepared to dish out previews and recaps throughout the year. Our team splits up game coverage duties, but it's time for that team to grow. Accurate recaps immediately following a game are crucial foundational pieces to any team blog. Timely previews are just as important, as the shelf life on these articles is short.

Having multiple people in place prepared to share the responsibility for this content is a focus this summer.

Priority: Very High

Graphic Design

This is a new experimental role. Graphics are currently handled in-house, but we are looking for someone who can improve our visual content on the site. Designing logos for our site-specific content, artistically enhancing a photo or anything else that we can come up with is fair play here.

Polished graphics are something that can help take content to another level. Full credit will be given, and we will provide a platform for any Lakers-related designs you want to share with the community.

Priority: Very High


Want to get involved with Silver Screen & Roll but not sure about where you'd fit? Start with our aggregation team that handles our daily link post, "The Credits". You'll work within a group to help craft one of our biggest community hubs on the blog. A place for a quick fix of NBA every morning with your cup of coffee, if you will.

You also get to write out punny headlines that are themed around movies. Quite the perk.

Priority: Very High

Social Media

Social media is key in any growing blog, and improving our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an area of opportunity. Our content can be great, but without the proper social media presence, it could go unnoticed. We want to extend our reach, and social media is the best way to do that.

Facebook is a higher priority than Twitter currently, and Instagram will be a new venture.

Priority: Very High

News coverage

News coverage is something often handled by me, but I'm looking for one to two individuals who can step in as a backup should I be unavailable when an important piece of news drops. This is also an area that we intend to expand on, as our news coverage is mostly centered on transactions, injury updates, and key stories. The in-between "news" is an area of opportunity on the site.

It's important to be able to write clear, accurate news updates. The goal is to have significant news updates posted within 30 minutes of becoming news. News reports should not be voicey, but concise writing that explicitly explains what is being reported while properly identifying the source. These aren't editorials, but 200 word hits to keep our community updated with the latest Lakers information.

Priority: High

Features, Analysis

Want to write out strong, thoughtful opinion pieces, statistical breakdowns or any writing beyond the day-to-day content, this is where you want to focus. Diving into feature writing will take time, but our editorial team will work closely with the content provided and do our best to make sure it's polished and ready to go.

This is an advanced role with the team. Candidates interested in stepping in and immediately providing in-depth content are expected to have strong writing skills and significant experience.

Priority: Medium


Talented, passionate folks who may not fall into the roles listed above are still welcome to get involved. If there's a way you think you can fit into the site, we'll try to figure out how to make it happen.

So You're Interested?

If you're interested in joining our team here and think you know how you'd like to contribute, let's open the conversation. I'm looking forward to building up the team here at Silver Screen & Roll as we prepare for a big year of coverage and am confident we'll find the right group of people to take this site to another level. These positions are voluntary and unpaid, but what we can offer is a platform and chance to build something special.

Please contact me via email at, let me know what your thoughts are on joining the site, and we'll go from there.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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