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Silver Screen & Rollcast Episode 14: Last bits of Draft talk, available now

The Silver Screen & Roll crew takes their last cracks on the 2014 NBA Draft before Thursday night!

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The Silver Screen and Rollcast is available now! Listen here!

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This is it, kids. The first real step into the next ten years of Los Angeles Lakers basketball starts here!

The Silver Screen & Rollcast returns with our last episode before the NBA Draft, with the latest news and notes on just who the Lakers will take with the 7th pick, as well as how the rest of the night will unfold.

We'll also talk about the latest news in the team's coaching search, as well as take our first crack at the 2014 free agency class.

Also feel free to leave your questions for the mailbag below in the comments section!

Join Tom Fehr, Drew Garrison, Ben Rosales and Blake (The Great Mambino) at 6pm PST/9pm EST tonight for the Silver Screen & Rollcast!

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