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A note on editorials at Silver Screen and Roll

A quick off-season reminder about editorials and their place here at Silver Screen and Roll.

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Editorials are, by definition, an opinion being translated onto paper (or pixels on the internet in our case here). We have many unique, differing perspectives at Silver Screen and Roll and will continue to provide a platform for writers to express said perspectives. When an editorial is posted it is the opinion of the author, simple as that. As an example, The Great Mambino's article on Donald Sterling and the Clippers is a clear editorial. It's tagged at the top as such, and should be read as such. It is not a research paper, it is the translation of one person's opinion onto a public forum. When a writer feels strongly about one of their opinions and wants to wax about it, the editorial becomes their outlet. That's what the blank blog page is there for.

We feature a wide-array of content, from the brick-and-mortar type stuff (game previews, recaps, and news), to breakdowns, to opinion pieces, to the silly NBA things. Our team is experienced and continues to grow with each piece we write, and we do not believe in limitations. We work with trust, giving each writer the freedom and latitude to express their views as they see fit. Sometimes it'll be a simple defense of Mike D'Antoni. Other times it'll be something more controversial. We will always stand behind our writers, but it's the off-season and worth clarifying that editorials are the views of the author.

We do not expect every reader to agree with the opinion of our authors, that's flat-out unreasonable and doesn't make for good discussion anyway. We do, however, expect everyone to remain respectful in our comments and social media. This isn't a groundbreaking development or anything dramatic, just a simple reminder.

TL;DR version:

  • We do prominently feature opinion pieces. They are tagged as editorials, always. They are the opinion of the author, nothing more than that.
  • We expect our comments to remain civil. Spare our moderators the trouble, please, they work hard.
  • We stand behind our authors. This is our team, and many of us have been writing together for multiple years now. If they have an opinion, they can write it. If you disagree with it, you can comment respectfully.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate everyone who read this quick public service announcement. Let's go Lakers, to the ping-pong room and beyond (hopefully much further beyond where we last left off).

Here's a Pauppy for your troubles:


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