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Silver Screen & LOL - 3/28/14

Welcome to Silver Screen and Roll's official create-a-caption contest.

The Silver Screen and Roll caption contest is back! And this time, we are official. We will be starting this back up and will have weekly articles added to the front page every Thursday or Friday.

How To Play:

Each week a new Silver Screen & LOL article will be added to the front page. Your job is to create a caption from the picture within the article and post it as a comment. The post with the most recs will win. The winner from each week will be featured in the following week's article. Each contest will run for one week.

Contest Rules:

  1. You can only post one caption at a time. Each caption/GIF/picture that you create must be posted as its own comment. You can post as many captions as you want, but each one has to be its own individual comment.

Last Week's Winner:

If you come across a picture that you think would make a good create a caption picture, post it as a comment below with an appropriate subject. All submitted pictures will be taken into consideration.
Silver Screen & LOL picture - 3/28/14



Remember to have fun. The best remedy for anything in life is laughter.

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