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The Credits: "Titanic" - Lakers Links

Starring Kobe Bryant, who stated after last night's loss to the Pelicans that "If this was the Titanic, I'd go down with that shit, I'm not jumping off".

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  • Outtakes

    After Kobe Bryant's Titanic quote last night, the Twitter universe exploded with ideas on how to cast the Titanic movie with this years rendition of the LA Lakers. And laughter was had by all.

    Kobe's that dude "GOD HIMSELF COULD NOT SINK THIS SHIP" - @HPbasketball

    Kupchak's that poor engineer who was all proud of it and then was like "well, yeah, we're a little short on lifeboats." - @HPbasketball

    Jeremy Lin is Jack's friend who didn't do a damn thing wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have a lunatic friend - @HPbasketball

    Jim shaking Jeannie saying "And you WILL honor me!" - @forumbluegold

    Dwight and CP3 are the two swedes from the Poker game at the beginning. - @DomSeckle

    Steve Nash is the band that refuses to stop laying even as the ship is sinking - @LilHannahS

    David Stern is the mystery ship that could've saved everyone but instead ignored the calls for help. - @mekkofactor

    Yeah, Nick Young is Jack. There's really no way around it. Seems like the luckiest dude on the planet. Overdramatic. Drastically overstates his importance. Still dies. - @HPbasketball

    Kevin Love is the port in New York City. - @MontaWorkPeace

    Julius Randle has to be Rose, right? Living on after the ship sinks? - @TheLakeShowLife

    That draft pick is going to be the diamond. - @HPbasketball

    Ed Davis is that poor guy who makes it to the end and falls in when the ship goes vertical - @HPbasketball

    Also, Laker fans are the passengers that are in third-class who think they're supposed to be in first class. - @paolo59jr

    Boozer just stood there and yelled: "Get That Lifeboat Jo!" - @IzzyT93

    Dwight is Mr Ismay. Sneaks onto a lifeboat when it's only women and children. - @juliephayer

    Pau is Kathy Bates' character. Yelling from Chicago about saving them while the ship is sinking. - @forumbluegold

    Byron is Rose's Mom - @forumbluegold

    Wes J is definitely the elevator operator who wont take Rose (Kobe) down, then leaves her behind when eater starts pouring in - @World_Wide_Wob

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