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Lakers @ Kings Live Game Thread

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The LA Lakers (8-18) play against the Sacramento Kings (11-15) this afternoon at the Sleep Train Arena. Tip off is set for 3:00 pm PST.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, the LA Lakers will take on the Sacramento Kings. This will be the second game for DeMarcus Cousins after fighting a severe case of viral meningitis, which landed him in the hospital. The Lakers are coming off of a close lose to the Thunder, while the Kings are on a 5 game losing streak. The Lakers will be without Ryan Kelly (torn hamstring), while Xavier Henry, Steve Nash & Julius Randle have also been ruled out for the season. For a more in depth summary of tonight's match up, check out the game preview: Lakers @ Kings Preview. Here are tonight's projected starters:

Los Angeles Lakers Sacramento Kings
PG Jeremy Lin
Darren Collison
SG Kobe Bryant Ben McLemore
SF Wesley Johnson Rudy Gay
PF Carlos Boozer Jason Thompson
C Jordan Hill
DeMarcus Cousins

Your drinking triggers for tonight include anyone mentioning:

  • Former Laker Ramon Sessions.
  • Swag.
  • Boogie.
  • Nick Young's elbow.
  • Kobe Bryant being fatigued.

If you're a new member to SS&R or need a refresher, check these out: our rules for participating in game threads. But besides that, have fun and enjoy the game.

Now, have at it.