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The Credits: "Silver Linings Playbook" - Lakers Links

Despite beginning the season with five straight losses after last night's defeat to the Phoenix Suns, Julius Randle made his first (glowing) appearance since going down with his leg injury.

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An NBA Detective Story: Who in the Lakers Organization Knows They’re Tanking? - Grantland

Are The Lakers Secret Tanking? - Business Insider

THE PRESTIGIOUS, NBA-DARLING, GLOBAL ICON LOS ANGELES LAKERS TANKING!? The words "Lakers" and "tanking" have never ever (EVER) been synonymous. Talk to the casual Laker fan to your left and the Lakers never "rebuild", or "tank", instead you hear words like, "reload" or "build on the fly".

However, there's a prevalent line of thought going around the Internet (and Twitterverse) that the Lakers are indeed "stealthily tanking". Our very own Ben Rosales, who you can follow at @brosales12, has been one of the biggest instigators and constituents of this seemingly impossible conspiracy.

So what say you? Has the current CBA changed so dramatically that it has forced the Lakers to operate in a manner so unbecoming? Sound off!

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