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Kobe Bryant calls Dwight Howard 'soft' during scuffle

Oh look, Kobe and Dwight feuding on the court.

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are like cats and dogs. Oil and water. Reggie Miller and making sense. They don't like each other, and head coach Byron Scott kept it as simple as that after the two stars collided in the fourth quarter during the Los Angeles Lakers' loss. If you haven't seen the exchange, here it is in full:

Howard clearly caught Kobe with an elbow, who was crowding Dwight after he grabbed a rebound in a 25-point game. The ensuing madness? Here's a GIF-by-GIF breakdown of what happened in the season opener:

Here's the clear out that triggered the confrontation:


Kobe Bryant shouting at Dwight to "try me" as referees sorted through the situation:


And the now-viral shout: Kobe clearly calling Dwight "soft" on the sideline:


It was a mixed bag after the game, with Kobe Bryant dropping a few quotes regarding his thoughts on the moment before going on the call Howard a "teddy bear." Teddy bears are soft, right?

As for Dwight, he had far less to say about his dust up with Kobe, declining comment and not adding any more fuel to the fire.

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