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The Credits: "Battered" - Lakers Links

The NBA season opens in only two weeks, and already the Lakers find themselves battling the injury bug. Will the team even survive pre-season and make it to opening night?

Jeff Gross

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NBA to test out 44-minute game in preseason |

Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics to play 44-minute preseason game - ESPN

NBA experimenting with 44-minute game -

NBA To Experiment With 44 Minute Game - RealGM Wiretap

  • It seems that the NBA - under Adam Silver - will not keep the status quo and try to break new ground as often as possible and plausible. At the end of the day, there are a whole bunch of factors to take into account (MONEY). Shortened games reduces the number of timeouts and dead-ball time, thus reducing the number of commercials -- where TV networks generate a huge portion of their revenue from. On the other end, shortening minutes reduces the wear & tear, and healthier players equals a higher quality of play. We could create a whole pros & cons list, but what do YOU think? Fire off in the comments section below!

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