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Report: Lakers, Cavaliers still working on Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum swap

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In a recognition that this season is finished and the team needs to accrue what assets it can for the future, the team has reportedly consummated the oft-rumored deal of Pau Gasol for former Laker Andrew Bynum.

Harry How

Well, we thought this day would come ever since it became apparent that the Lakers had little to no intention of keeping Pau Gasol this offseason following the Kobe Bryant extension and now it is finally upon us. Rumors of a swap for Andrew Bynum's non-guaranteed deal and possibly other assets have been the rumor du jour in Laker Land recently and thanks to ESPN 710, we finally have something concrete in this regard:

Of course, such a story would not be complete without reports to the contrary, especially if it comes from the same news source, no less, so that means we have the following:

As noted, the Lakers aren't going to make this deal just for the financial savings they would incur by trading Pau for Bynum, so if it ultimately does, it is very likely that other assets will be included. Perhaps ESPN 710 just caught an excited source getting ahead of himself, but either way, it appears that the most recent Pau trade scenario is arriving at a quick conclusion.

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