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A new era

David Stern is stepping down as NBA commissioner and Adam Silver will be the next man to lead the association. The end of every era opens the door to a new one.


Editor's note: It's David Stern Farewell day for SB Nation NBA. You can check out plenty of David Stern stories and perspectives here, but don't expect much about Stern below. Though it did get me thinking.

David Stern is preparing to end his era of leading the NBA on Feb. 1.  I don't have much to say about David Stern today. I don't really know all that much about him aside from what we all know: He's been a driving force behind my favorite pastime, gets booed every year at the draft and has watched the Lakers grab title after title on his watch.

I know that incoming commissioner Adam Silver has a unique challenge in front of him. He's taking the reins of one of the greatest modern businesses -- a sport that has reached heights that seem unimaginable -- and must fill the shoes of the man who walked 15 miles through the blistering snow to get it there. First comes steadying the ship and maintaining the consistency. Then comes the real work -- putting his stamp on the league.

Which brings me to what I have to say on "David Stern" day, which really isn't anything about the NBA or Stern beyond what's written above. It did get me thinking, though, about our own situation here. End of an era. C.A. Clark stepping down from his post after building this haven. I'd like to take a moment to re-introduce myself a bit as we move forward -- as Silver Screen and Roll's "Adam Silver."

I'm indebted to C.A. for helping me reach the opportunity, and I'm thrilled that I have a great crew to build with in Blake (TheGreatMambino), Ben, SoCalGal and our moderation team. I'm hopeful to continue providing everyone here the same experience you've come to expect from us, but hope to make it even better. My first goal is to reach the consistent level of excellence achieved here.

The community at Silver Screen and Roll -- our oasis -- is what brought me to even bothering putting fingers to keyboard. It was Ben Rosales' pointed Twitter commentary and articles and growing with Blake as a writer after stumbling upon something I'd never seen. At a time when I was looking for answers after the Lakers were eliminated by Kevin Durant and the Thunder -- a year after being swept by Dallas -- I found here.

Ramon Sessions, on the other hand, found Charlotte.

My goal is to make this place a here for the next person who just wants to sit and chat about basketball with people who may have different opinions and perspectives but enjoy the discussion. Who comes here for a nightly recap of the latest triumph (or blunder) against a team and want to enjoy it with their Laker family either way. Who loves the Lakers without having to eat through stale cupcake frosting to be a part of something. No country for stale cupcake frosting.

Thank you for stopping in for whatever reason it is you do. We have a phenomenal group here that will do its best to continue giving you reasons to make this your here as a reader and member of our community.

As for my first act as Silver Screen and Roll "commissioner?" Easy.


Thank you to everyone who has helped make Silver Screen and Roll, Silver Screen and Roll, over the years. It's an honor to call this place my home and have the chance to guide it forward.

Good luck, Adam Silver, I think we'll both need a bit of it as we follow up incredible leadership.

- Drew

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