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Steve Nash to possibly play Friday vs. Charlotte Bobcats

After playing just six games all season and missing at least 38 in between NBA action, the Lakers expect their starting point guard to possibly return Friday against the 'Cats.

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After missing nearly half the season with a nerve root irritation stemming from a broken leg suffered over a year ago, Steve Nash could possibly return this Friday against the Charlotte Bobcats.

According to the LA Times, Nash is schedule to practice on Thursday with the hopes of finally getting back on the court the next night. He was originally scheduled to come back against the Indiana Pacers, but after tweaking his back (reportedly getting out of bed), he missed yesterday's practice and thus won't play tonight.

Nash's nerve problems have led to complications with his hips, hamstrings and back, all of which are integral to playing the game of basketball (and walking). They've noticeably hampered Nash in his scant few minutes of court action this season, as the former two-time MVP looked like a mere shell of his once dynamic self. There is no news on whether or not coach Mike D'Antoni would start an active Nash, who has come off the bench only once since the 1999-2000 season.

Nash has mentioned several times that if he can't get back on the court this season, it very well may be the end of the line for his basketball career. If that's indeed the case, a potential comeback Friday could be the beginning of a last attempt as a professional. It's been a sad coda to the career of one of the greatest and classiest NBA players of all time.

Setting aside all the narratives and premature career eulogies, the Lakers desperately need another ball handler on the active roster to attempt to stay competitive night to night. The team's second unit is a discombobulated mess without a proper point guard, as D'Antoni has had to implement Jodie Meeks, Nick Young and Manny Harris as his second string two-guard.

As a fan of the game, here's hoping for a successful return Friday.


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