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Lakers vs. Bulls final score: Lakers lose 102-100 on last second play

Nick Young made critical plays in the fourth quarter to force overtime but the Lakers couldn't finish the fight.

Jonathan Daniel

The Los Angeles Lakers managed to force overtime against the Chicago Bulls but couldn't hold on in a 102-100 loss. Taj Gibson drained a game-winning layup at the buzzer to push the Bulls over the top with a questionable defensive play from Los Angeles to say the least. The Lakers' two-game winning streak has been snapped.

There was plenty of good and bad in this game. Nick Young scoring 31 points? That's good. His ongoing journey to become the NBA's greatest drawer of fouls from beyond the arc? That's great. His Kobe-esque and-one layup in the fourth? What a play! Pau Gasol scoring 20 points against a great frontcourt defense? Fantastic! Ryan Kelly reaching double-digit scoring again? I'll take it.

But allowing 19 offensive rebounds and 16 second chance points? Not good. Grabbing just nine offensive rebounds of their own and still giving up 15 fastbreak points? Not a winning formula. Getting killed by D.J. Augustin (27 points, 62 percent shooting)? Where to begin.

The Lakers lost a basketball game. They've lost plenty of basketball games -- 26 now to be exact -- and there are surely plenty more on the docket. Being one defensive stop away from a win leaves a certain sting, though, akin to poking a bruise. Some enjoy the tingle of pressing against it, others will never understand it and can't wait for the bruise to go away.

It all looks the same in the win-loss columns. Next up is a visit to South Beach to face the defending champions on Thursday.