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Lakers vs. Clippers final score: Clippers dismantle Lakers in 123-87 blowout

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The Lakers were historically bad, losing their fourth straight game..

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to put into words what just happened in Staples Center as the Los Angeles Clippers dominated the Los Angeles Lakers in a historically awful 123-87 blowout. There was nothing fun about this game for the Lakers, who were at the bottom of the hill immediately and trailed through the first half prior to being left to die in the desert. It was as if the the Clippers abducted the Lakers, dug a hole in death valley, dumped the bodies and carried on to party through the streets of Las Vegas for the remainder of the night.

This game was such a lopsided "ugh" fest that the great Stu Lantz was out of words. When Jordan Hill fumbled a hard pass from Chris Kaman that could have been a lob dunk. "Wow, wow, wow," was all he could exclaim as the Lakers tacked on another turnover for the night. That was just a few minutes after he pleaded out loud for the referees to ignore their whistles and let the clock move along uninterrupted.

"This team really has poison right now. A bad virus," "Big Game" James Worthy said when they shot back to the studio during the final minutes of the fourth quarter. It was that kind of game. This was embarrassing across the board, and while the losses might be cool in the long-term, big losses like this are sickening. Flu season is in swing after all.

The Lakers gave up 43 first quarter points and 70 first half points. They were outscored 31-8 in the third quarter, setting a new franchise low of completing just two field goals in that frame. There's not much to say about this one. I'll let @jose3030's captures of Kobe Bryant on the bench sum up any remaining thoughts:

Here's your silver lining: They didn't let the franchise record of losing by 46 get broken. This was the largest loss to the Clippers in franchise history, however, and that was sans Chris Paul. Welp.