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Most hyped? Well, maybe if we stopped talking about him ...

Too many words have been spent discussing the player who was the most hyped Lakers acquisition in recent history. It's time to say enough is enough.

You want me to talk more about Dwight? Hahahahahahahahaha no
You want me to talk more about Dwight? Hahahahahahahahaha no
Harry How

Today, we take part in another of SB Nation's theme days, in which every SBN NBA blog tackles the same subject. Today's topic is ... most hyped? F**k it, enough is enough.

No. Nope. No thanks. Not gonna happen.

Today, on the day we are tasked by our overlords with writing about the most hyped player in our franchise's recent history, we instead decide to make a stand. We're putting our foot down, drawing a line in the sand, and throwing the tea in the harbor. You shall not pass ... or something like that.

You already know who the most hyped player in recent Lakers history is. You already know, in detail, whether or not that player lived up to the hype. You already know this whether you are a die hard Lakers fan, or the most casual of NBA observers. Too many words have been devoted to this subject, and all of them are as fresh as can be, because the hype, and the results of that hype, have not yet had the common decency to go away and be replaced by any other actual events. All there is is the hype and the aftermath. So help me God, we will not be party to this discussion any further. Shit happened, and it's over now. It's time to move on.

This being just one of many NBA team sites out there on our beloved network, there is a lot of great content regarding hype from the rest of the league. Go check it out. But you won't find any talk of it here, not about the Lakers. We have better things to do. Like watch the grass grow, or get a root canal.

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