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Kobe Bryant posts Vine of high-dive jump into pool

The Black Mamba becomes the Water Mamba in his first Vine offering.


Kobe Bryant posted his first Vine Thursday night, which was a jump from a 40' diving board (at least) into a pool... because of course. Here's the clip he Tweeted out:

Here's a list of other things he can do going forward:

  • Jump off of a skyscraper, catch the rails of a helicopter, climb in and take over the controls for a full tour of Los Angeles
  • Hang glide from the HOLLYWOOD sign to Staples Center
  • Fight a bear without any weapons or protective gear
  • Bring back the ole' space ship Adidas Kobe's and admit they were absolutely hideous
  • Really jump over an Aston Martin, or a monster truck as Ronny Turiaf has upped the ante recently
  • Race a cheetah in a remote location in Africa
  • After defeating the aforementioned bear, go into the ocean to cleanse the wounds with... salt water?... only to find a hungry great white shark to fend off next

Or, my personal favorite

  • Go back to showing clips of him running on an anti-gravity treadmill as he steadily rehabilitates his Achilles tendon.

Water Mamba, out.

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