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Lakers coach discusses Mike D'Antoni, Phoenix Suns influence on offense

One of the Lakers newest assistant coaches opens up about Mike D'Antoni's system and how they intend to use old film to better understand the goal.

Stephen Dunn

The Los Angeles Lakers will have their first training camp with head coach Mike D'Antoni and his new coaching staff. Larry Lewis, one of the Lakers new player development coaches, spoke to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell and discussed Mike D'Antoni's offensive system and how old Phoenix Suns tape will help them refine it:

MT: How does that process go from you talking to D'Antoni and his staff, and implementing things for the players to work on?

Lewis: You have to study, previously, what's going on in that system and how certain players get theirs in that system. Mike's been running this system for a while now, and you can go back and look at how players got their shots, for example, in Phoenix or New York, or in certain actions last season in L.A.

MT: So you can pull up Joe Johnson or Raja Bell film from the Suns to see where they got their three-point looks, and use that to inform Nick Young or Wesley Johnson?

Lewis: Exactly. That type of preparation has to happen first so that when we get on the court with a player, we have a clear understanding of the system and the language of that system.

The Lakers have added wing depth to their lineup this summer by signing Nick Young, Wesley Johnson, Elias Harris and Marcus Landry. Undrafted rookie Nick Minnerath also  joins the roster as the latest training camp invitee. D'Antoni has previously stated that with the newfound youth and athleticism on the roster he expects the team to "run up and down a little bit."

The Lakers weren't seven seconds or less last season, but they still had the fifth-highest pace in the league at 94.4 offensive possessions per 48 minutes.

The full interview between Trudell and Lewis reveals much more about Lewis' thoughts on his role within the coaching staff,  what he believes the key to D'Antoni's system is and more so be sure to check it out.

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