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Dwight Howard meeting Mitch Kupchak, according to report

The decision from Dwight Howard isn't official yet, and he's about to meet with the Lakers one more time.

Dwight Howard's decision to join the Houston Rockets has leaked out, but right now he's on an airplane flying from Colorado to Los Angeles to meet with Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kucphak, according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times.

Further, the Lakers have not been officially informed that Howard will not be returning to Los Angeles, reports Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD. The extra money that he can earn with Los Angeles is still a factor that weighs heavily on him.

What is clear that Howard has informed the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks that they are no longer being considered.

There's no telling what can happen with another meeting between the Lakers and Howard. Howard could simply be meeting Kupchak face to face out of respect to inform him of his decision, the Lakers may have a final pitch to make or Howard may need to discuss the option of staying in L.A. further.

This isn't over yet. Not officially, at least.

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