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Silver Screen and Rollcast Episode 5 available now

Our Lakers podcast is back! Plenty has happened within the Lakers organization since our last episode, so expect some serious isolation scoring a la Swaggy P.


This episode of the Silver Screen and Rollcast is available now on iTunes! Subscribe to our iTunes channel for immediate access to the show on your iDevices or it may take a few days to appear on our iTunes channel.

The Silver Screen and Rollcast is about after a two week vacation! Since we last spoke the Lakers have added Jordan Farmar, Wesley Johnson, Nick Young and Elias Harris. Summer league has come and gone. There will be plenty to talk about, and sources tell me that Ben and Blake will be dropping the hammer on some expectations going into next season. The first hour will feature Ben (@brosales12), Blake (@TheGreatMambino) and myself (@DrewGarrisonSBN). In the second hour we will be joined by Forum Blue and Gold Contributor, Lakers Nation associate editor and senior editor of SportsCity Phillip Barnett (@imsohideouss). The show begins airing live at 6 p.m. PT and runs for two hours.

Silver Screen and Rollcast Episode 5: Free agency wrap up, summer league, and talking expectations

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Date: July 29

Time: 6 p.m. PT

Place: BlogTalkRadio

Call-in: (347) 308-8574

Who: Drew Garrison, Ben, Blake (TheGreatMambino), Phillip Barnett

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