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New additions to the Silver Screen and Roll family (and a note on moderating)

Please welcome our newest moderators and Credits assisters, LakersFoEva, yesu_ni_mungu, and harrison24

Alberto E. Rodriguez

The offseason is the time to tune up your roster and make sure you have a full team, and with that in mind, the team here at Silver Screen and Roll is happy to announce a few of our newest contributors. Yesu_ni_mungu will be joining the team as a moderator, harrison24 will be assisting with The Credits, and LakersFoEva will be doing both. Both moderating and The Credits are difficult and thankless tasks, and we're lucky to have them as part of the team.

While we're on the subject, it can sometimes be helpful to remind folks what moderation is, and what it isn't. Our moderators do have a position of authority on the blog, but whenever they are not specifically exercising that authority, all they want to do is be one of the guys and/or gals. You don't have to agree with them. You don't have to avoid arguing with them. When you see them in the comments, they are normal commenters, subject to the rules just like you are. Just because they own a moderating hat doesn't mean that they are wearing that hat all the time.

But when they do feel the need to don that hat, you do need to respect them. If they tell you to cool it down, you should. If they warn you, you should listen to the warning. If you disagree with the warning (or ban) given, you can respond over email to SoCalGal or to myself, but you should not ever discuss or disparage disciplinary messages in the comments of the blog.

In short, moderators are people, too. You should treat moderators the same way you'd treat anybody else, unless they are specifically moderating.

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