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Silver Screen and Roll podcast returns Monday

We are bringing back the Silver Screen and Roll podcast and have an entirely new experience as we take it to a live broadcast, along with being able to take calls from our audience.

Jeff Gross

We are happy to announce the return of the Silver Screen and Roll podcast beginning Monday, June 17. It will be a weekly podcast airing every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. Ben (Ben R.), Blake (The Great Mambino), and myself will host the Lakers focused podcast.

What's different this time around is that the podcast will be a live broadcast. BlogTalkRadio and SB Nation have teamed up and have given us an opportunity to have a premium account with BlogTalkRadio on the house. The podcast will air over the internet and be available to listen to in the archive afterward, as well as iTunes.

Along with the live broadcast is the ability for the audience to interact. At any time you can call in to the show and join the podcast. Our static number will be listed on the BlogTalkRadio page and you can call in via Skype, land-line, or cell phone.

We will post a reminder that the episode is coming on Fridays as well as a "live" page when the podcast is on air on Monday. After the show, the "live" page will be updated with links to the archive to listen to the podcast, as well as a direct link to the iTunes upload.

The link for the upcoming episode can be found here if you're curious.

We enjoyed making these podcasts through the season and with the partnership with BlogTalkRadio are able to streamline the process and make it something we can do on a routine basis. Hopefully you guys, the community here at Silver Screen and Roll, will enjoy hearing us chat about the Lakers and either call in to agree, disagree or join in just to talk Lakers. We'll also keep an eye on the "live" thread while the broadcast is going for those who can't call in.

We're excited to bring the podcast aspect of Silver Screen and Roll back to life. Thank you, and we look forward to our "premiere" episode where we will be discussing the Lakers' future with... or without... Dwight Howard.

- Drew

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