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Dr. Jerry Buss honored at World Series of Poker

Dr. Jerry Buss was known to be a poker player, and at the biggest poker event of the year, was paid tribute to.

Phil Ivey sitting next to Dr. Jerry Buss' tribute seat
Phil Ivey sitting next to Dr. Jerry Buss' tribute seat
Danny Maxwell and Joe Giron, PokerNews

Dr. Jerry Buss was many things to many people -- most famously known as the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers -- but Dr. Jerry Buss the poker player was honored at the biggest event in poker. The World Series of Poker has begun in Las Vegas and they took the time to remember the great Dr. Buss.

They placed a photo of Dr. Buss playing poker at an empty seat at the Seven-Card Stud table in honor of his best finish at the event. In 1991 Dr. Buss finished third in the Seven-Card Stud event.

Kobe Bryant made the "shuffle up and deal" announcement via video to officially begin the game.

Head over to PokerNews to see the full gallery of pictures from the table, and check out the video below featuring memories of Dr. Buss from the poker community, as well as Kobe's message to begin the game.

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