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Shaq on Dwight: 'It's my duty to help this young man'

Shaquille O'Neal was a guest on ESPN LA radio and had a few things to say about Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan.


Shaquille O'Neal has never been shy when talking about Dwight Howard. He has been critical of the big man since Howard's days in Orlando and has continued sending barbs his way since he joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

While appearing as a guest on the Max Kellerman Show on ESPN LA, Shaq took a few more shots at Howard, calling him "too nice" and criticizing him for not forcing teams to double him every time he touches the ball. "That's telling me that teams respect him but they don't fear him. I'd rather be feared than respected."

Why has he continued to broadcast his opinion about Howard? "I think it's my duty to help this young man become one of the best big men in the league. I'm not doing it nicely. I'm pushing buttons."

It remains to be seen if Shaq's "mind games" have become a source of motivation for Howard. Last October O'Neal said that he believed Robin (meaning Brook) Lopez and Andrew Bynum were both better centers than Howard. "Your time is up. So, I don't really care. I don't really care. He can say whatever he wants to say." Howard responded during Lakers training camp.

Aside from Howard, Shaq also discussed former rival Tim Duncan. O'Neal disagreed that Duncan should be considered the best "big man" saying he doesn't "really agree with that word" and further clarified by calling him the greatest "power forward".

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