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Robert Horry takes Kobe over Duncan, Hakeem over Dwight

Who would Robert Horry would between Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, and Hakeem Olajuwon and Dwight Howard? One of these players would have "no chance" head-to-head, according to Big Shot Rob.


Who you got -- Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan? Hakeem Olajuwon or Dwight Howard? Robert Horry gave his opinion on both (spoiler: he also took into consideration if Duncan won his fifth championship, something we discussed here just a week ago) in an interview with HoopsHype.

When asked who has had a better career between Bryant and Duncan, Horry's selection would be Kobe. From a general manager perspective Horry gives Bryant the nod because he's going to "sell tickets"" and "put people in the arena":

I would still pick Kobe. Tim is great, but I tell everybody this: Look at this from the GM perspective. Who's going to sell tickets, put the people in the arena? Tim? Nah, not so many [laughs]. Don't get me wrong, he's going to win, but he won't draw so many people to the arena.

Horry was much more up-front regarding his former teammate Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon in comparison to Dwight "Is An Unrestricted Free Agent July 1 and Will Explore His Options" Howard. Big Shot Rob said Howard would have "no chance" against Olajuwon because of his limited offensive skill set:

Dwight would have no chance [against Olajuwon]. Howard is a good player, but his offensive skills are limited. He only has the Georgetown hook, a couple of spins in the baseline... Dwight is a great player, but there are things certain players can and can't do, and Hakeem could do a lot.

It's not necessarily a shocking revelation from Horry as Olajuwon is widely-considered one of the most skilled big men to ever play the game of basketball, but it's Big Shot Rob, and there's always this reason to hear what he has to say:

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