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D'Antoni: "80, 90 percent chance" Metta World Peace plays Tuesday against the New Orleans Hornets

Less than two weeks after surgery for a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee, Metta World Peace is reportedly going to attempt an early comeback Tuesday against the New Orleans Hornets.


Late last week, Metta World Peace reported that he was off crutches, and that a lengthy 6 week recovery period for a torn meniscus in this left knee wouldn't be necessary. Apparently, his timeline has gone better than anyone could have possibly conceived. Check out this tweet from USA Today's Sam Amick:

Miraculously, incredibly, hilariously, Metta World Peace is going to give it a go Tuesday at home against the Hornets. The Lakers are notoriously short-handed right now, with Steve Nash doubtful for the New Orleans game and Kobe Bryant logging 43+ minutes in the past four contests. MWP said himself last Friday that he was feeling good and that a return before the end of the regular season wouldn't be out of the question. Still, there's no telling how well he'll look defensively or offensively, or even if his knee will cooperate once he gets on the hardwood. World Peace is an extremely durable player who has trudged through injuries without complaint for the past several season in a Lakers uniform--it's no surprise that he'd try to get back on the court early if he felt he could help his team.

Sudden returns like MWP's aren't completely unheard of. In the 2010 playoffs, then Portland Trailblazers shooting guard Brandon Roy made a heroic return in the playoffs just 8 days after surgery for a slightly torn meniscus, scoring 10 points off the bench and leading the Blazers to a 96-87 victory. Roy was never quite the same after that early comeback, but comparing a situation of the most injury-cursed players in the last 10 years to one of the least might not be a good one.

Los Angeles is running out of time, games and bodies in order to register themselves a seed in the NBA postseason. If even a hobbled MWP can help them and won't further endanger his health, this could be the first bit of good news in a while for the injury-bitten Lakers.


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