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Lakers-Spurs Open Thread

We fight until the end.

Ronald Martinez

Obviously, things have looked better for the purple and gold. The Lakers are down oh-2 in the first round with hardly any healthy bodies. Somewhat incredibly they're top four - FOUR - guards are either definitely or probably sidelined for tonight's game, leaving the three-headed monster of Darius Morris, Andrew Goudelock and Chris Duhon to make the backcourt. These are not ideal circumstances.

But let other franchises feel sorry for themselves. The Lakers fight until they're no longer allowed back on the court. Everyone who wears the golden armor must play with pride and ferocity. I will accept nothing less.

And I will accept nothing less from you either, commenters! Our time left in this season might be short. Life is definitely short. So bring your best tonight. Remember all the happiness the Lakers have brought to your life and channel it back into the comment board. As a great man once said: BUILD A MOAT, DEFEND THE MONEY.