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Lakers-Spurs Open Thread

Jordan Hill is back.


The Lakers finally got some good news on the injury front. Jordan Hill, out since early January, has been cleared to play tonight. Naturally he is going to have a little rust on him. It'll take him a game or two to get adjusted. But if this series goes long his return could have a significant impact. The Lakers need his energy and offensive rebounding, not to mention that he's a credible backup center when Dwight Howard is on the bench. Welcome back, Jordan.

Someone, somewhere right now is referring to tonight's Game Two as a "must win" for the Lakers. That's not the case. But if they don't win tonight, they definitely need to win Games Three and Four back at Staples.

My prediction: the Lakers will fight hard but lose tonight, win Game Three on Friday, and then a ferocious battle in Game Four will determine if the series goes long. Hope I'm wrong about tonight, though. GO LAKERS.