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Steve Nash out for season finale

Steve Nash will not play in the Lakers' season finale, still struggling with hip and hamstring issues.

Christian Petersen

Steve Nash will miss the Los Angeles Lakers' season finale Wednesday against the Houston Rockets after undergoing an MRI which revealed "several preexisting issues related to his hip and back" that are causing nerve irritation, per the official press release from The final tally on games Nash played for the Lakers this season is 50.

Nash has been out since March 30 -- a game against the Milwaukee Bucks where he played a single minute -- and has continued to deal with the hamstring and hip issues since then. After receiving the MRI, Nash received an epidural injection. An epidural injection is commonly used to relieve pain and inflammation around spinal nerve roots and damaged nerves.

The press release also states that they are hopeful that Nash will be able to return in action "in the next several days", which may or may not come depending on the outcome of the Lakers' game against the Rockets.

Should the Lakers defeat the Rockets Wednesday they will lock up the seventh seed in the Western Conference and would face the San Antonio Spurs. If both the Lakers and Utah Jazz lose, the Lakers will remain the eighth seed and face the Oklahoma City Thunder. Should the Lakers lose and the Jazz win, the playoff chase comes to an end with the Lakers on the outside. Huge implications for the Lakers on Wednesday without Nash on deck.

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