The end of an Era..

I know I am not a Laker fan. I do enjoy the site though. Lot of really passionate BBall fans. And since I always try to catch something that I feel was over looked I will. Matybe Clark or some other Writer could piggy back this post with a better article.

Last night to me felt like an end of more than Kobe Bryant. Will he be back? Probably. But for all intent and purposes? Last night pulled the curtains down on an era of Laker BBall. Kobe represented that Era. He embodied it. A tumultuous yet very successful run for the Laker Franchise. Kobe's injury put an end not only to his season and possibly career? It put an end to his "power and influence" on the Organization. So the Laker Organization Dynamics/Leadership underwent radical changes once again.

The full implications of this I am sure Kobe knows all too well. No longer is he the one in the power position. I am not here to get into the past. But I have been a fan and follower long enough to know that feeling. Last night was an end of an Era. It reminded me of MJ's ending. But the script was totally different. What gives a Superstar player power? HIS TALENT. Lose a significant portion of that? Your no longer AIR or BLACK MAMBA. That to me is the saddest part of this. I would love to see an article of this nature on this site.