Lakers x Game of Thrones sigil fun

Game of Thrones season 3 fires up this Sunday, which just so happens to be one of the few things I burn time watching aside from basketball. I happened to be social media-ing it up and stumbled upon this awesome Game of Thrones sigil creator via a fellow blogger (Kirk Henderson over at Mavs Moneyball), which turned into a conversation that Ben R. (you may be familiar with his work) jumped into, and inspired this creation:


So, I figured there could possibly be a few more Game of Thrones/Lakers fans here who would like to throw around some Lakers-related sigils. Got one for House Kupchak? House Buss? House World Peace? Let's see what we can all come up with!

Winter is coming, after all.

Just head over to Join the Realm to create your own and get that sigil in the comments!