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Video: Coach Nick breaks down "HORNS" in NBA, including Lakers

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Coach Nick takes a look at the use of HORNS across the NBA from not only the Lakers, but multiple teams across the league.

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown continues his wide array of video breakdowns, this time focusing on a little set called HORNS which we talk about quite often here at Silver Screen and Roll. He looks at it not only from the Lakers, but many teams across the league, and as usual does a great job of making a clear indication as to what's going on on the court. If you want to know more about HORNS, this is a great tool to utilize. If you don't know what HORNS is, there aren't many better starting points than this. Enjoy!

- Be sure to give Coach Nick's YouTube channel a look as he is constantly pumping new, resourceful, content out.

- Also catch him on Twitter @bballsource