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Lakers-Celtics Open Thread

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Pau's out, Dwight's a gametime decision, and he and Kobe aren't getting along.

Stephen Dunn

In this season of nightmares, have we Lakers fans enjoyed even 72 hours without some preposterous drama? I believe not. The latest... *deep sigh*... sees Kobe Bryant pressuring Dwight Howard to get back on the court, with Dwight responding that Kobe isn't a doctor and that he has to concern himself with his long-term health. If you find this episode as boring as I do, just give it a day. Tomorrow it'll be something else.

Amid the nonsense there's still a season to play out, and a game tonight with our ancient enemies. The Celtics have had injuries of their own - Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger are out for the year - but at least they're pretty well situated to make the playoffs. The Lakers will face them again at Staples in less than two weeks and could very much use a season sweep.

Happy 39th birthday to Steve Nash.