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At the Bar: The Super Bowl Edition

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Your place to talk about Superbowl 47: San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens


It's that special time of the year where two football teams collide for one supremely hyped game to decide which team will be the greatest of that years time. Our Super Sunday begins with the Lakers at Pistons here at Silver Screen and Roll, but we wanted to make sure we had a spot to talk about the game here. Feel free to check out a handful of links from SB covering the game ranging from previews, food tours of New Orleans, and much more! Enjoy the game(s) folks!

(Side note: Both Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard picked the Baltimore Ravens for this one)

* A preview of the game!

* A hilarious on-scene investigation of the deer antler place!

* Full coverage of everything from SB Nation!

* Matt Ufford's awesome, envy-inspiring food tour of New Orleans!

* Jon Bois' discomfiting Super Bowl Party breakdown!

* A drinking primer from Big Bois!

* Former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein's perfect nachos!

* All of the commercials you'll see today!

* Our awesome Niners blog, Niners Nation!

* Our excellent Ravens blog, Baltimore Beatdown!