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Kupchak calls Howard Lakers' 'future', talks about deadline, Pau, and Kobe

Mitch Kupchak went on the radio waves and spoke with ESPN's Colin Cowherd. During the interview, he called Dwight Howard the Lakers' "future", clarified that Pau Gasol would not be traded before the deadline, and much more.


Mitch Kupchak took to ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd and had plenty to say in regards to Dwight Howard's future with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant's relationship with Howard, and much more.

Kupchak stated that "Dwight is our future" when talking about the center, who is in the midst of a flurry of rumors with the trade deadline Thursday-- only a day away.

When asked about the relationship status between Kobe and Dwight, Kupchak called it a "work in progress". Furthermore, he said the Lakers currently have a two-year window to work with, and that "a lot of that has to do with Kobe".

Despite Kupchak reiterating, repeatedly, that the Lakers have no intentions of trading Howard, Mitch also revealed that the Lakers have received calls regarding Dwight-- as recent as this morning. There was no indication as to which teams have made inquiries about landing the center, but Tuesday it was reported that the Atlanta Hawks were considering making an offer for Atlanta native Howard, and that the Lakers were silently taking calls on him.

Kupchak also stated that injured big man Pau Gasol would not be traded before the deadline.

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