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Lakers-Heat Open Thread

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Into the court of King James.


The Lakers' home loss to the Miami Heat back on January 17 was one of the more soul-killing moments in a season full of them. It was a tie game with two-and-a-half minutes to play, but the Heat closed with a crushing 9-0 run to devastate the Staples Center crowd and snatch away what could've been a pivotal win for the Lake Show. The loss kicked the purple and gold into a downward spiral that saw them mail in their next three games, making an already deep hole that much more deeper.

Today they get a shot to steal one back. Win, and they head home after their Grammys trip feeling pretty good about themselves and, with the Utah Jazz looking increasingly vulnerable, not too bad about their playoff chances. Lose, and... well. Losing pretty much maintains the status quo.

LeBron James, by the way, is doing insane things on the basketball court these days. It'd be nice were he to decide to be mortal for a few hours this afternoon.