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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

Enough with the football. Time for another kind of sports game!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas has the Lakers listed as a five-point favorite over the Nuggets tonight, which probably seems confusing to anyone who's watched the Lakers play recently. The Nuggets, though, had a game last night in Denver (easily beating the Jazz), so I imagine the line is a prediction more that they'll be tired than that the Lake Show is ready to start playing some good ball. I certainly have little confidence in that second thing.

This will be the third of four meetings between the teams this season. The first, back on November 30, might have been the Lakers' best offensive game this year. The second, on December 26, might have been their worst defensive game (though there are a lot of contenders for that honor). Sayeth Mike D'Antoni about this one:

A win, we have to have a win. However we get it, we have to tough it out.

I would agree with that, Coach.