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Lakers-Clippers Open Thread

Listen. This... this could be bad.


It feels like a lot of Lakers fans are starting to lose patience with this team and this season. That's understandable. There's still time for them to develop into something they're not, but you know... with every passing game the clock ticks a wee bit closer to judgment day. You get the sense that if the wheel-spinning doesn't stop soon the chemistry around the team could turn rather ugly. It was easy to take the long view when Steve Nash and Pau Gasol were out, when Mike D'Antoni was new on the job, when Dwight Howard was just returning from back surgery, but the band's been together for a little while now. I'm not saying they should have everything solved, but losing at home to the 76ers isn't something that should be happening at this stage.

Here now come the Clippers to make things potentially much, much worse. In case you can't tell, I'm not bursting with optimism.

Surprise me, Lakers?